Monday, March 9, 2009

marguerite porette

as counterpoint to the acim post a few days ago, i should probably tell you about marguerite porette.

marguerite wrote a book "the mirror of simple souls" and refused to back down from her beliefs. she was burned at the stake by the inquisition in 1310. here's a 15 second summary of the book. nobility, in marguerite's vocabulary has to do with a soul's ability to resonate to the lord's love. when a soul is first birthed from god, it is cast like a bell during it's outflowing. some souls resonate more easily to god's love than others. annihilation refers to the death of the soul's own-willing, own-having, and own-knowing; to be replaced by god's-willing, god's-having, and god's knowing. a noble soul sees this death and resurrection as her natural place in god.