Saturday, May 31, 2008

meet stephan

i've seen stephan walking all over town carrying a loaf of bread and a bible.
today i saw him sitting on the steps of a church near my house.
i couldn't resist.
i walked up to him and said "hi... i'm peter. and you are?"
"i'm stephan" he said
i forget what i said next, but he responded "i can only talk about jesus".
"well, ok" i said, "i see you walking all over town. do you live near here"?
he said "yes.... i'm an evangelist. I tell people the gospel and i pray for everyone i see on the street".
we talked for a while. i got the sense that stephan is trying to follow every jot and tittle of the old testament law.
i told him i was under grace and not under the law and that i was forgiven for everything past present and future; that i could do anything i want.
he said "even murder"?!?!?
"yes" i said. "but if i'm following the lord, it's pretty unlikely that i would murder"...
i could see in his eyes that he thought i was a heretic.
i like stephan.
he's full of grace and peace.
"bless you" i said. "bye"

Friday, May 16, 2008

more sadness

i bought a Systemax Intel® Dual Core bare bones system from tiger direct, and, sad to say the customer support at systemax is terrible.. i opened the case and installed another hard drive and suddenly i became "pay per call" for support..
the problem was that the intel raid driver installation was broken. this is the second intel motherboard i've bought recently that has had broken driver problems.
so the bottom line is i am not a happy camper, and will no longer do business with either intel or systemax..